Babies First Year : El Paso Baby Photographers : Baby Photographers in Cedar Falls IA

Babies First Year : El Paso Baby Photographers : Baby Photographers in Cedar Falls IA

Your Babies First Year Creatively Captured On A Museum Quality 16”x20” Wall Canvas

Dear new parents,

Congratulations on your new addition to your family. Your baby will grow so fast and it’s first year will be THE most important year. Why not capture that time forever, before it’s too late. The baby’s first year wall canvas from WCF Photography is the ideal keepsake.

Your babies first year is the most important. It’s the fastest growth period in your babies life. We will photograph your baby at ages 3, 6, 9, and 12 months…

…then we will present you with a stunning 16×20 composite with your favorite pose and expression of your babies first year. You will love this, we guarantee it!

Now is the only time you can do this. Once your baby is older it is too late. Click here to Reserve a time to chat with us about Baby’s First Year Plan

What Is The Babies First Year Program From WCF Photography?

The Baby’s First Year Wall Panel consists of FOUR high quality, creative portrait sessions of your baby. These are not your typical portrait sessions.

The first thing you will notice is we are not a high-volume studio where you wait in line only to be rushed through a “fast-food”, cafeteria style session, only to be disappointed in the end. Our photography stands above the crowd for creativity and style.

The difference is obvious.

You will be amazed at the variety and quality of poses you get to choose from. Our goal is to capture your baby using the most creative, cutest, sweetest and most endearing poses possible. Many of our clients tell us that when friends come over and see their photos of their babies, they often say they thought they were from a magazine or a calendar.

All of your photographs are available in color, black and white or old-style sepia. We use only the softest, most flattering light to enhance and bring out your baby’s features. Would you want it any other way?

It All Starts With Baby’s First Session

Newborn babies like to sleep and cuddle. They are little angels and make some of the nicest photographs because of these qualities. A little patience, timing and creative posing will allow us to capture these moments with poses similar to the ones you see in magazines and coffee table books.

You can even tell us your ideas, we’d love to hear them. Many parents are tired when they come in with their newborn baby, but are so happy once the first year is over to have these priceless memories.

Your babys first session will convince you that you made the right choice for your babies photography. April’s easy going and creative style combined with the ultimate test, the images that you will get to see, will prove this to you.

Your Baby Will Grow So Fast And The First Year Is The Most Important. Capture The Perfect Pose, Expression And Angle Unique To Every Stage During This Time.

The real fun begins when baby starts smiling those SO CUTE smiles… Your baby will grow a lot in their first year. The looks, expressions and mobility will be so different at each phase of their lives you won’t want to miss any of it.

When your baby gets a little older you will start to see BIG CHANGES. Between the ages of three months and eight, your baby will start smiling and sitting up, not to mention the expressions and those chubby little baby parts. It’s a great age for expressions, props such as our metal was basin, flowers, and many more, including old fashioned nudies.

What’s Included With Your Babies First Year Plan

The Baby’s First Year Plan Includes:

  • FOUR creative, pressure-free, baby-friendly sessions.
  • Your choice: Newborn, 4,8,and 12 months or 3,6,9,12 months.
  • A 16×20 Gallery Wall Canvas (Ready to Hang)
  • You choose which four images best tell the story and variety of your baby’s first year.
  • Unheard of guarantee: “Our promise to you: You must be satisfied. The portraits we take for you and your baby must meet or exceed your expectations. Absolutely love them or you don’t pay. No hard feelings either.” We stand behind our work.
  • Special discount prices on prints.

Schedule A Pre-Portrait Consultation for Your Babies First Year 16×20 Wall Canvas and Receive Your Maternity Session FREE.

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