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Baby’s First Year Plan| WCF Photography| Fort Bliss Childrens Photographers

[RAW] [gallery type="rectangular" ids="2247"] [/RAW] Are you having a baby? If so, CONGRATULATIONS!!! If this is your first child, you may not have had a bad experience at a mall or department store “chain” studio, but I bet you know other Moms that have!
WHY waste your time, energy, and stress for so-so baby photos at a “get ‘em in-get ‘em out” store? Their LACK of attention, caring, patience, service & attitude stinks about as much as a week old poopey diaper!
Dear Parent, I’ve heard countless stories from Moms who have had terrible experiences at the typical baby photo chain store. They make you wait in line, even if you “had” an appointment. While you wait, you have to try to keep your baby from getting fussy, because when it’s FINALLY your turn and you have an unhappy baby, you’ve got problems! WHY? Because their young photographer who was most likely hired from a help wanted ad and had perhaps a week training before turning them loose, is impatient and doesn’t have TIME to wait! I mean, there is a line of crying babies behind you waiting to get in too! They’ll give you a minute or two to try to calm your baby under this intense and very stressful atmosphere, then say “Well, Mom – what do you want to do?” To me, that is just COMPLETELY unacceptable! It’s not YOUR baby’s fault! It’s the fault of that store for setting you up in such a rotten environment! Don’t take my word for it though, listen to what Julie Taylor of El Paso had to say…
“I had no idea of what I was getting into when I called a photography chain store studio to inquire about photographing my new baby boy. This was my first baby and I thought that most people probably went to the chain studios for cheap pictures. I first called and asked to make an appointment and the chain studio told me they don’t make appointments, you just stop in. Well, I did stop in, only to find that there was a long line of babies ahead of me and my baby, all waiting to be photographed. I tried to be patient, but it was over an hour until it was my turn and it wasn’t exactly my idea of fun waiting that long in a line. The babies in front of us were fussing and the parents needed restrooms to clean them up, etc. It was rather chaotic. When it was finally my turn to have my son photographed, he was getting fussy himself and the photographer quickly became frustrated that she couldn’t get the pictures we needed within just a few minutes. I know it was because of all the stress she was under to hurry up and get to the next baby in line. I did my best to help my baby be happy, but I felt he needed fed and asked the photographer if I could have a few minutes to do that. She told me sorry, if you do that, you’ll have to go back to the end of the line as I can’t make the other people wait on you! I couldn’t believe it! I wasn’t about to wait another hour, so I left there and vowed to never return. Fortunately, I received April’s letter in the mail, and decided to give her a try as it sounded like she really knew what she was talking about. Am I ever glad I did! The experience at April’s studio was the total opposite of that chain store studio! April made an appointment for me and my baby for a full 2 hours! It was in a quiet camera room with no other babies waiting in line. April’s prices were a little more than the chain studio, but they were quite fair and I was very happy to pay a little more to get so much better service and higher quality images! You really do get what you pay for and I decided that images of my son’s first year were worth more to me than what the chain studio’s could offer. She’s been incredibly helpful, lets me take breaks during the session with my baby and the images are just the most amazing I’ve ever seen! I now tell everyone I know to go to April. I know she’ll take good care of them just like she has with me and my baby. She really truly cares and she loves what she does and it shows. I’m now a client of April’s for life!” – Julie Taylor

O.K. April – I Agree, But What Can You Do To Help Me?

Boy, am I glad you asked!  First, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is April Melton and I’ve been the owner/photographer of WCF Photography Photography for over 6 years! I LOVE creating wonderful, timeless images of babies! It is truly a JOY to me to see them grow and their personalities emerge in their first year! I don’t do anything half way, so when I started my studio, I said I was going to do it RIGHT! To help people like yourself, I came up with a plan – a FIRST YEAR BABY PLAN! Every single day, Moms thank me for the images we create for them, for taking the time with them when their baby was tired or needed fed, and for the incredible service we offer. So, let me tell you about the Baby Plan!

Our First Year Baby Plan Is So Simple, Yet You Get SO Much!

With our Baby Plan, we photograph your baby at the remarkable ages of newborn, 4, 8, and 11 months. You’ll be amazed with the images from each session! I guarantee it or your money back! You can’t lose. When you come in for your first session, you’ll have a FULL 2 HOURS of photography time scheduled JUST FOR YOU! It’s YOUR time, with no crying babies waiting in line. And it’s a fun 2 hours in a relaxed, comfortable setting complete with soft baby music. We even have baby necessities should you have forgotten some or run out of supplies. If your baby gets fussy, needs fed, diaper changed, etc., we’ll simply take a break. It is because of this and my love of babies that you’ll end up with the most beautiful images you can imagine. And you get to choose one 5×7 print from each of the four sessions.

Now For The Exciting Part!

At the end of the 11 month session, you’ll receive a 16×20 inch custom made canvas wall composite with 4 images on it (One from each of the 4 stages) and your baby’s name added to complete the look! What an incredible keepsake for you to treasure forever! You have to see one to understand how wonderful it is! [Raw] [gallery type="rectangular" ids="3443"] [/RAW] NOTE: Because our existing clients keep us VERY busy, we can only accept 9 new babies each month! If you’re the 10th caller, we’ll have to put you on our waiting list. So, don’t delay, or you may miss out on this opportunity forever!

April, This Sounds Expensive For Everything I’m Going To Receive, So How Much Will This Cost Me?

OK, are you sitting down? The 4 personal sessions (up to 8 hours of edited photography), 4 – 5×7 prints (one from each session) AND the 4 image custom made, 16×20 canvas wall composite Baby Panel will set you back a whopping $399! Now that is an incredible deal, BUT IF YOU HURRY, it will get even better!

Just for calling us by the 10th to schedule your first session, you’ll SAVE and get everything I just talked about for ONLY $199 (or 3 easy payments of $66.33)!!!

No, I’m not kidding, (and I can be quite the kidder) that’s all the Baby Plan is! Just don’t forget that we only accept 9 new babies each month though, especially at this incredible price. And after the 10th, if we have any openings still available, the price goes back to $399. Don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only get the best baby pictures around, but also at a price that you just can’t let slide by. This letter goes out to close to 1,000 Moms each month and they completely fill our schedule every time.

How Can You Afford To Do This For So Little?

Good question! We do this as a way to introduce new people to us. Once they meet us, experience our service and see our images, we usually have a new client for LIFE and they come back to us for all their portrait needs, from childhood images, senior pictures, family pictures, and even weddings! Honestly, at $199, I actually lose money for the level of service that you receive. So, fortunately, pretty much everyone purchases images from each session for gifts and to proudly display in their home. What people purchase varies, (By the way, you are under NO obligation to purchase and we do NOT believe in high pressure sales as our work sells itself!) but you can spend as little or as much as you wish. You can purchase individual items for as little as $45, or package collections that include a larger print and 8 smaller sizes starting at just $169. Our collections are quite flexible so you will get what you want and you save money from the individual prices.

But Wait, I Have TWO Bonuses For You If You Call FAST!

If you’re one of the first 4 callers, I’ll give you a complimentary 1 hour maternity session to commemorate this special time in your life before your baby is born! This is normally a $75 add-on session. When parents see these images, they just go nuts over them and often we have to hand the Kleenexes to Mom. Read on for Bonus 2! We let others speak for us! I’ve won awards and blue ribbons in international competitions, but I’m not egotistical, so I’ll let someone else tell you about their experience with us…
“I received numerous ads from photographers after the birth of my son, Lucas. WCF Photography’s Baby Panel stood out from the rest. What a great way to capture the physical development of your child over his or her first year. What I didn’t know at the time is that April creates something much more special. She not only captured the beauty of my son through “Mothers eyes”, but managed to show his blossoming personality as well. April was patient, flexible, and creative with our quirky requests. She is truly an artist! My only regret is that I wasn’t in El Paso when my other children were born! – Jen Trogner, El Paso, TX.

So, What Do I Do Now, April?

It’s Easy As Pie…

Simply call us right away at (915) 820-8716 to get your baby signed up for the awesome Baby Plan! Remember, if you call by the 10th, you get everything for just $199 (or 3 easy payments of $66.33)! And we can only accept 9 new babies this month. And if you’re one of the first 4 callers, you get two bonuses! Oh, that reminds me, I’ve got to tell you about the second bonus!

Bonus Two!

You’ll LOVE this! The second bonus is a “Smash the Cake” bonus session! Our clients go bonkers over this. During your baby’s 11 month session, we’ll give him (or her) a birthday cake and capture the images while he or she digs into it! These images are a truly memorable way to celebrate baby’s first birthday! This is a $75 value just for being on the ball! Shown below is a sample from Lucas’s “Smash the Cake”. [raw] [gallery type="rectangular" ids="3440"] [/RAW]

So, to basically sum up everything…

The Baby Plan is 4 sessions, created at newborn, 4, 8, and 11 months.
One 5×7 print from each photo session for a total of 5 prints. You receive a 16×20 custom made canvas Baby Panel with four images, one from each session. If you call by the 10th, the Baby Plan is just $199 or 3 easy payments of $66.33! After that, it is $399. If you’re among the first 4 callers, you receive two bonuses! Our phone number is (915) 820-8716 and we’re open 10-6 Wednesday through Sunday.

When you call and get signed up for the Baby Plan, we send you a 16 page VERY detailed book that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know to prepare for your sessions and even includes a map so you can find us easily! This is a very important event for you and your baby, so we have gone to great lengths to describe everything for you.

So, that’s it. I thank you for reading this and hope that you become part of our studio family! Should you decide not to do our Baby Plan, PLEASE make sure you find a photographer that specializes in babies and is as concerned about creating images that you’ll cherish forever as we are. After all, the only memory of your child’s first year will be through photographs you can enjoy every day. Sadly, you just won’t remember what they looked like at this age. My Mother, who passed away too early from cancer, always told me to “Make memories!” and I try to stick to that every day in every way, and I hope you’ll allow me to make memories for you and your family!
With Warm Regards, April D Melton [RAW] [caption id="attachment_3434" align="alignnone" width="300"]April Melton| WCF Photography Photographer} Fort Bliss Photographers April Melton| WCF Photography Photographer} Fort Bliss Photographers[/caption] [/RAW]

Baby’s First Year Plan| WCF Photography| Fort Bliss Childrens Photographers