Boy’s Senior Photos

Not everyone is excited about getting senior photos, especially young men.

And I get it… especially if you have acne – you might not feel excited about being photographed. Or maybe High School wasn’t your thing and you’d rather forget about it all together!

But as a parent, you’ve worked hard to get to this point in your child’s life and you want to celebrate this major milestone.

I’ve come up with a way to compromise so you both get what you want – He gets photos he loves and you get senior portraits that commemorate your accomplishment!

I believe Senior photos aren’t just for celebrating the end of school but also a great way to celebrate the future you want to have now that you’re out of school.

Check out Manny’s photos below. Mom, Laura, wanted to continue the tradition of having senior pictures like her other kids… Manny wasn’t so thrilled….But I discovered that he loves the flag and he wants to visit Greece or New York after graduation so I worked with him to create images that both Laura & Manny love!

Dealing with Acne…

I also took a moment to explain my editing policy to Manny. For example, I can edit things which are not permanent, like acne and still make those edits look natural.

After all, nobody wants to look back 20 years and remember having acne. So I edit out non-permanent things like braces, acne, etc.

Check out this Before / After. Just move the slider to see the difference.