What should you wear?

The answer would depend on many factors such as weather, location, emotion, message and purpose of the portrait. We suggest to our clients that we want to focus on the face and emotion of the portrait for years to come. We don’t want our clients to dress in a manner that distracts from that as a general rule. We tell all of our clients that long sleeves, darker jewel tones (navy, hunter green, charcoal) and similar colors work the best as a general rule. We try to stay away from black and white as well as distracting patterns or mismatched groupings if at all possible. Try to make the family look great together, but not uniforms.

However, you know that any rule can always be broken! Make sure it is something somewhat comfortable. We don’t want to be constantly adjusting your outfit. Check your accessories – look polished, but not overdone!

Makeup should be daily wear to slightly heavier. Definitely check your nails and toes if they will be showing or your shoes and socks. Don’t get your haircut or colored the week of your portrait.

Of course, most clients want to know what is slimming and it is exactly what we suggest as our general rule. Darker colors recede and make thing appear smaller. Clothing is only one of the elements that makes the final image. Custom photographers have studied a great deal on posing and that can really make or break your perception of the final image.

Next week : How often do you need custom photography?